Summer 2018


Shakespeare in St Anthony Parks 2pm matinee performance tonight is at St Anthony Park Lutheran Church as scheduled.

Tonights 7pm show is in College Park. Last night’s performance was a hit! Don’t miss the fun and don’t forget your favorite bug repellent.

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Fairies Needed

Shakespeare in St Anthony Park is in need of a pop-up troupe of young fairies to lull the beautiful queen of fairies to sleep in performances of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. No previous fairy experience or rehearsals necessary.  Interested fairies may participate in as many performances as they would like. We are an open and affirming fairy community.  All fairy types –from lady bugs to Tinker Bells – are welcome.

BYOW – bring your own wings and preferred crowns if possible.  There will be a limited supply available from our suppportive fairy community.

 Fairy guardians are welcome to accompany shy fairies.

Question?  Contact Janet Lawson at 651-500-5201

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